Our first Saturday Studios of 2023 will take place at Cove Park on Saturday 28 January and will be led by 2022 resident Edd Carr, a visual artist based in Leeds and co-founder of The Sustainable Darkroom.

Edd creates photographic animations and chemigrams from sustainable and natural materials. Chemigrams are typically made by painting a mixture of chemicals onto light sensitive paper; however, in this workshop, Edd will share a process which uses plant-based developers instead of harsh chemicals.

Edd’s work depicts our relationship to the ecological crisis and the nonhuman world which will serve as a starting point for discussions around how we relate emotionally to climate change, the ecological crisis and our connection to the wider living world.

This free workshop is part of our NAARCA programme and is open to children aged 7 years and over. No prior experience is necessary. For more information and to book your place please visit Cove Park‘s Eventbrite page.

Image provided by Edd Carr.