We are pleased to offer a number of residencies at a reduced rate for independently funded artists looking for space to develop their work this spring. These residencies are available from Monday 22 April 2019.

Residencies can begin on a Monday or Thursday and should last a minimum of 3 nights. The available accommodation includes Cove Park’s Cubes, Pods and the new units, with studios attached, adjacent to our award-winning Artists Centre. We also offer three additional studios on site and access to workspace and the library housed within the Artists Centre.

Please see the Accommodation Overview information sheet for images of the site and facilities.

These independently-funded residencies are offered at a reduced rate:

Cube: £40 per night (normally £66)
Artists Centre Accommodation with attached studio space: £60 per night (normally £80)
Pod: £100 per night – up to 2 residents in Oak Pod, 4 in Taransay Pod – (normally £145)


Cubes: between 22nd April and 20th May 2019
Artists Centre: between 25th April and 16th May 2019
Pods: between 22nd April and 9th May 2019

If you would like to book or receive further information, please contact:

Rebecca DeWald, Partnerships Manager (Maternity Cover)

Or call 01436 850500