Saturday 28th September 2019 10.00 – 4.00 at Cove Park

Morning: Writing about fantastic beasts, and birds, and insects, and leaves with Garry MacKenzie

What is it like to be a fox, or a fish, or an eagle, or an oak tree? In our September Saturday Studio we will discover how to write about the world around us – animals, birds, insects and plants. Having recently completed an Emerging Writer Residency, poet Garry MacKenzie will help you to see the world from another creature’s point of view. We will imagine how other creatures might speak, describe the natural world using all of the senses, and explore some of the techniques which writers use to bring their imaginations to life.

Some of the workshop will take place outdoors, in the grounds of Cove Park, so please bring a coat!

Afternoon: Today, I am Someone Else with Naomi O Kelly

This workshop is an opportunity to play with make-believe and identity. It will celebrate our innate delight in dressing up and trying out different ways of being. We’ll begin with fun games and interesting stories (about interesting characters), and then we’ll use costume, fabric, props and music to invent new characters and see how they behave. 

We’ll also use giant sheets of paper and mark-making to sketch roughly around our foot prints, body frames and hand prints, and we’ll play with using this to define ourselves (as we are) and to redefine ourselves (magically, as whoever or whatever we’d like to be today!)

Please bring a packed lunch, drinks and some fruit will be provided 

This free workshop is open to all young people in secondary school. We are able to help with transport if required.

Image (on Left): Crimson Glow Photography