The Stone Age – poetry reading and talk exploring neurodiversity with Jen Hadfield

Friday 22nd March 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Join former literature resident Jen Hadfield for this accessible and engaging poetry reading and talk. Jen’s new collection ‘The Stone Age,’ will explore human relationships and the wild world from a neurodiverse perspective, in poems full of rapture, transparency and wry humour. 

Women are far less likely to seek or receive an asperger’s diagnosis, which has led to the misconceptions that this neurotype is more commonly found in men, and also to the perception of the neurodiverse community being far smaller than it really is.

 In this groundbreaking event, and as a poet with neurodiverse traits, Jen Hadfield reads from her new work and asks if many Aspie traits may not only be native to poetry but also vital to our culture.

Light refreshments will be served.