Cove Park has developed a strong connection with the Glasgow-based company Cryptic. Since 2014, Cryptic has delivered an annual Winter Residency Programme in partnership with Cove Park, which provides time and support for musicians and artists working with sound to focus exclusively upon developing their professional practice. It also enables them to engage with peers working in different music fields, learning from each other’s approaches.
Focusing on music, sound and multi-media, over 40 UK and international artists have benefitted from this residency programme, which has led to the development of 17 new audiovisual works presented to audiences of over 34,000 in 31 cities across 10 countries.  Highlights have included Kathy Hinde’s Phase Transition, Robbie Thomson’s Infinite Lives and Heather Lander’s Nearer Future with Robert Bentall.

‘Our artists love attending Cove Park, not just because of its stunning surroundings and inspirational views, but because it gives them a freedom of mind to really explore brave ideas and to take artistic risks within a supportive environment.’ Cryptic, 2018

‘I found the Cove Park residency to be an incredibly stimulating and productive experience. I felt like I could really focus on my practice but I could also get to know and learn from an incredibly inspiring group of sound artists.’ Gail Priest in partnership with The SUBSTATION, Melbourne.