Carrie Foulkes was born in New York and lives in London.
She is currently studying for her MA in Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway. Since graduating with a BA in Philosophy from Columbia University she has worked for Daniel Blau photography gallery in East London where she is gallery manager.
In recent years she has conducted extensive independent research in South America, India and Berlin on topics as wide-ranging as social philosophy, Buddhist meditation traditions and themes of apocalypse in German expressionist poetry.
Her interests are centred in studies of intentional communities around the world and the role these play in nurturing and advancing the arts. Carrie hopes to found a non-profit arts centre and publishing house in the future as well as to continue to dedicate herself to her interdisciplinary artistic practice which encompasses writing, sound, collage, drawing, installation and book arts. She self-publishes a chapbook series entitled Facing the Incoming Tide.