2020 marks Cove Park’s 20th Anniversary and to celebrate this event we are sharing images this year via social media of our artists, events and projects on site at Cove Park over the course of the past 20 years. This archive collection will ultimately appear on our website, but in the meantime please follow Cove Park on instagram, twitter or facebook to see our posts.

Image: Left, weaver Raisa Kabir with, right, visual artist Emilia Beatriz, residents as part of our Craft & Design and Visual Arts programmes respectively, at Cove Park in 2019. This beautiful shot is one in a series developed from negatives by Emilia Beatriz during lockdown in 2020. The artist has used a homemade developer of red clover flowers and water from the nearby Peace Woods, close to Cove Park and Peaton Hill. Emilia began to experiment with this process at Cove Park and plans to continue to work with the technique over the coming year. Emilia is the recipient of the prestigious 2020/21 Margaret Tait Award and the work initiated at Cove Park will inform the commissioned project. Image courtesy of D. Mortimer.