Experimental Film & Artists’ Moving Image III, 2018

30/07/2018 - 12/08/2018

Andrew Black

This new programme has been introduced for 2018. Cove Park is committed to supporting film and artists’ moving image in all of its forms and sees the partnership with LUX Scotland and the Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival as a significant development.

Andrew Black is an artist, organiser and cook from the North of England, based in Glasgow since 2009. He was a member of the Transmission committee in 2016 and 17.

At Cove Park he will be researching agricultural and ecological histories specific to the West coast of Scotland to develop a video project that explores the narratives that are produced by/inscribed upon this landscape. His recent work uses fantasies and anecdotes as contrary modes of storytelling, investigating how bodily experiences are linked to personal understandings of sexuality and desire, and how fantasising (erotic or otherwise) can be done communally, around a specific place.

Image: video still, SUBMERGED VILLAGE, 2017

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The Bridge Awards Residency: Emerging Visual Arts in Scotland, 2018

16/07/2018 - 12/08/2018

Rhona Mühlebach

This residency supports an emerging visual artist based in Scotland and is generously supported by The Bridge Awards.

Rhona Mühlebach received her first degree (a BA in Cinema) from the University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2014. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art’s Master of Fine Art course in 2017. Describing the transition in her practice from a traditionally narration-based cinema into a fine art practice of video, audio and text, she has stated that ‘My cinema background inspires the formal choices I make in my work. Nature and science documentaries and how we discover the world through them, have been very influential… I manipulate the forms and technical traditions of TV documentaries and big-production movies in order to create uncanny versions of them.’

At Cove Park Rhona will continue to explore her attraction to and interactions with animals, plants and landscape. The residency will provide the time to experiment and develop new projects, potentially focussing her research upon Loch Long.

Image: The Five Sisters, 2017, Installation view, Rhona Mühlebach


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International Visual Arts II, 2018

16/07/2018 - 12/08/2018

Krista Belle Stewart

Krista Belle Stewart lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is known for her ability to draw out the complexities of archival material that allow for both intimacy, coincidence, and an atemporal meeting of histories across time. Working with video, photography, design, ephemera and textiles, Stewart straddles the gaps between personal and institutional histories through transparent mediation.

This one-month residency will give Krista Belle the opportunity to develop new work in the UK for the first time. She anticipates the residency will provide the opportunity to continue her work with archival material and sculpture.

Cove Park’s international residencies are now appointed with the support of our International Visual Arts Advisory Board, a group of visual artists and curators, many of whom have undertaken residencies at Cove Park: Abraham Cruzvillegas, Mariana Castillo Deball, Mai Abu EIDahab, Geoffrey Farmer, Naoko Horiuchi and Jan Verwoert. We are grateful to this Board for their advice and time.

Image: Potato Gardens Band. Site specific installation in the basement of the Hudson Bay as part of group exhibition Stages: Drawing the Curtain. Plug-In Institute, Winnipeg, Manitoba. August 18 – September 4, 2017.

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Experimental Film & Artists’ Moving Image II, 2018

04/06/2018 - 17/06/2018

Stina Wirfelt

This new programme has been introduced for 2018. Cove Park is committed to supporting film and artists’ moving image in all of its forms and sees the partnership with LUX Scotland and the Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival as a significant development.

Stina Wirfelt lives and works in Glasgow. She will use her time at Cove to reconnect with her art practice after maternity leave. She will write and do research for a new video, which will focus on the voice as a bearer of stories and emotions.

Image: Stina Wirfelt

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Visual Arts Scotland III, 2018

09/07/2018 - 05/08/2018

Charlotte Prodger

Charlotte Prodger works with video, printed matter, sculpture and performance, exploring the intertextual relationships between each of these materials. Narrative fragments gleaned from different places and points of her life are shown in parallel, revealing an ongoing enquiry into the intimate contingency of materials. Much of her work looks at what happens to speech – and the self for which it is a conduit – as it metamorphoses via time, space and various technological systems.

Charlotte has a strong connection with Cove Park, having undertaken the Craignish Trust Emerging Visual Arts residency in 2010, following graduation from Glasgow School of Art’s MFA programme. This was her first residency and the experience of working in this region has continued to be important to her, not just in terms of the landscape and the relative seclusion if offers, but also in relation to the Firth of Clyde’s history of post-industrialisation, evident in its former sites of shipbuilding and industrial transportation.

This residency will enable Charlotte time and space to develop her first book. This publication will include a new body of images created specifically for print, a new body of Charlotte’s writing and commissioned essays.

Image: BRIDGIT, installation view, Bergen Kunsthall, 2017. Photo: Thor Brødreskift

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UK Visual Arts, 2018

18/06/2018 - 15/07/2018

Grace Schwindt

Grace Schwindt lives and works in London. Her work draws on the fields of theatre, dance, film, sculpture and music. Typically, she takes singular events, individuals, objects or stories as points of departure. Her process often originates from specific research and conversations with activists, politicians or family members. She states that ‘Each work is part of an exploration of different media’s conventions of looking at the body within capitalist society, wherein bodies have to function in order to produce capital and maintain the system efficiently.’

At Cove Park, Grace will focus upon the development of new work for an exhibition at CCA Glasgow in 2019.

Image: ‘Eagle’, 2018, 17 x 13 x 19 cm, bronze, ceramic, copper carbonate.

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Visual Arts Scotland II, 2018

21/05/2018 - 10/06/2018

David Sherry

David Sherry’s work includes performance, drawing, painting, video, sculpture and sound. He has stated that ‘Many of my ideas uncover thoughts and opinions that underlie the public face of etiquette or small talk. I often reflect on cultural codes, asking questions of basic learned behaviours… Central to my approach is ‘play’. I use the different processes of my practice to understand what influences behaviour and opinion. Many of my works aim to find a space where artworks can process ordinariness into a source which is meaningful and creative.’

After a particularly busy period of performances and exhibitions, David will use this residency to reflect upon recent projects and to begin to develop new work.

Image: ‘Electrical Appliance’, Generation 2014, commissioned by GoMA photograph Alan McAteer. Courtesy of the Artist and Patricia Fleming Projects.


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Glasgow International Residency

12/03/2018 - 25/03/2018

Hardeep Pandhal

Visual artist Hardeep Pandhal will be at Cove Park for two weeks to focus upon new work commissioned by Glasgow International. Pandhal will present a new installation, ‘Self-Loathing Flashmob’ at Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall from 20 April – 7 May 2018.

The work of Pandhal carries a satirical and acerbic cartoonish drawing style, employed across different media including sculpture and animation. He often draws upon his background as a second generation British Sikh raised in the industrial West Midlands city of Birmingham to reflect on the psychological and material effects of assimilation in broader society.

Pandhal lives and works in Glasgow and graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2013. Recent solo exhibitions include: Konfessions of a Klabautermann, Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival (2017); A Nightmare on BAME Street, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2017); Hobson-Jobson, Collective, Edinburgh (2015); Plebeian Archive, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow  (2015);  A Neck or Nothing Man!, Comar, The Isle of Mull (2015); A Joyous Thing with Maggots at the Centre, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (2014).

Image: The Rebirth Of Sacred Cow Mixtape Trailer. Digital still. 2017. 4k video, 4 mins 44 seconds.


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Prepare Your Portfolio at Cove Park

Bookings can now be taken for our autumn 2017 Prepare Your Portfolio course!

Creating and compiling a strong portfolio in support of your application for an arts or design based higher education course is essential! Your portfolio needs to showcase your creative skills, ability and range of practice. This is a three day course for young people in years S5 & S6 or above (the minimum age is 16). Led by former Cove Park residents designer Laura Lightbody and visual artist Douglas Morland, participants will be introduced to a broad range of exciting activities aimed at developing their hands-on skills, as well as promoting creative initiative. The lessons planned will cover a selection of approaches including working in sketchbooks, large-scale drawings, and 2D/3D outcomes, with a focus not only upon materials and experimentation but upon encouraging the development of the students’ own personal visual language and interests.

For further information and to book you place, please visit our Eventbrite page or contact Emma Henderson (Hands-On Cove Park Producer): emma.henderson@covepark.org

This event is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Robertson Trust.

Printmaking Residency 2017

Cove Park is pleased to announce the launch of a new residency in 2017. Developed in partnership with Glasgow Print Studio, a new funded Printmaking Residency will take place in November this year. In its first year, this two-week pilot residency is open only to current members of Glasgow Print Studio. Further information and application guidelines are available here. The deadline for applications in Monday 2 October.