Glasgow International Residency

Hardeep Pandhal

12 March - 25 March


Visual artist Hardeep Pandhal will be at Cove Park for two weeks to focus upon new work commissioned by Glasgow International. Pandhal will present a new installation, ‘Self-Loathing Flashmob’ at Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall from 20 April – 7 May 2018.

The work of Pandhal carries a satirical and acerbic cartoonish drawing style, employed across different media including sculpture and animation. He often draws upon his background as a second generation British Sikh raised in the industrial West Midlands city of Birmingham to reflect on the psychological and material effects of assimilation in broader society.

Pandhal lives and works in Glasgow and graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2013. Recent solo exhibitions include: Konfessions of a Klabautermann, Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival (2017); A Nightmare on BAME Street, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2017); Hobson-Jobson, Collective, Edinburgh (2015); Plebeian Archive, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow  (2015);  A Neck or Nothing Man!, Comar, The Isle of Mull (2015); A Joyous Thing with Maggots at the Centre, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (2014).

Image: The Rebirth Of Sacred Cow Mixtape Trailer. Digital still. 2017. 4k video, 4 mins 44 seconds.


GI Logo 2


Prepare Your Portfolio at Cove Park

17 October 2018 - 19 October 2018 / Cove Park

Portfolio Preparation Class

Bookings can now be taken for our autumn 2017 Prepare Your Portfolio course!

Creating and compiling a strong portfolio in support of your application for an arts or design based higher education course is essential! Your portfolio needs to showcase your creative skills, ability and range of practice. This is a three day course for young people in years S5 & S6 or above (the minimum age is 16). Led by former Cove Park residents designer Laura Lightbody and visual artist Douglas Morland, participants will be introduced to a broad range of exciting activities aimed at developing their hands-on skills, as well as promoting creative initiative. The lessons planned will cover a selection of approaches including working in sketchbooks, large-scale drawings, and 2D/3D outcomes, with a focus not only upon materials and experimentation but upon encouraging the development of the students’ own personal visual language and interests.

For further information and to book you place, please visit our Eventbrite page or contact Emma Henderson (Hands-On Cove Park Producer):

This event is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Robertson Trust.


Printmaking Residency 2017

13 November 2018 - 25 November 2018


Cove Park is pleased to announce the launch of a new residency in 2017. Developed in partnership with Glasgow Print Studio, a new funded Printmaking Residency will take place in November this year. In its first year, this two-week pilot residency is open only to current members of Glasgow Print Studio. Further information and application guidelines are available here. The deadline for applications in Monday 2 October.


Visual Arts Research Residency

Louise Hopkins

28 August 2017 - 04 September 2017

Installation view NOW : Louise Hopkins : Tony Swain

Cove Park has invited the Glasgow-based visual artist Louise Hopkins to take part in this year’s summer programme. This residency will support the development of a new project and enable Louise to focus upon the research and studio work required to take this to the next stage.

Louise makes paintings and drawings directly onto surfaces that already contain information; world maps, patterned furnishing fabric, comics, catalogue pages, magazine pages, photographs, folded or crumpled paper and sheet music. Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art’s MFA course in 1994, she has presented her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Image: ‘State’, 2017. Acrylic and oil paint on archive digital print on wood. 30.5 x 40.6cm/ Photography, Graeme Yule


Fenton Arts Trust Early Career Residencies – Visual Arts

Louise Giovanelli

04 September 2017 - 24 September 2017

Louise Giovanelli’s residency is part of a new programme for early-career writers, makers/designers and visual artists based throughout the UK. The artists will work in parallel on site for three weeks on their own projects during Cove Park’s summer programme and will also have the opportunity to work alongside other national and international artists at all stages in their careers specializing in a wide range of disciplines. The programme is generously supported by the Fenton Arts Trust.

Giovanelli’s painting practice often involves appropriating and re-imagining particular details from the history of painting and she has said that in her works there is ‘… a sense of re-focusing and re-framing. I effectively use painting as a camera, drawing attention to details that would otherwise be left overlooked, unexplored or dismissed.’

The artist comes to Cove Park after a particularly intense period of exhibitions and work in the studio. She will use this residency, and the opportunity it affords to work alongside those with quite different approaches to their work in other art forms, to shift her line of enquiry and to develop new ideas for future projects.

Image: ’Recast V’, 2017, oil on canvas (31x26cm)

Fenton logo web res


Visual Arts – Scotland 2, 2017

Scott Myles

22 May 2017 - 18 June 2017


Scott Myles’ practice is both conceptually-based and strongly gestural. He expresses his ideas in varied materials and in many mediums including sculpture, printmaking, painting, text, drawing, photography and performance. He often combines different artistic processes within single artworks or as part of gallery based installations. Furthermore, his works may take shape as print-based paintings, for instance, or as large-scale sculptures, but can just as well consist of ephemeral gestures or actions. These varied approaches are a means of exploring his own artistic language and research interests. Key among these are: gift exchange as a forging of reciprocal obligations and relationships; art’s interaction with economics and the status of art-making as a form of work and/or as a refusal of work; and the question of how psychological or subjective dimensions might register in the very materials and structures of our physical environment.

Over the past year Myles has focussed on developing work for three solo exhibitions in Berlin, Glasgow and Tokyo. He intends to use this residency as valuable time to review research material and visual imagery accumulated since 2014 through access he was granted to three key archives: the ‘Guy Debord Archive’ at Bibliotheque Nationale de France, ‘Archives Galleries Lafayette’, Paris, and ‘BEST Products/ Lewis papers’ at the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, USA. At Cove Park, Myles will explore ways in which he can engage with and re-present this material as part of the development of new work.

Image: ‘This Way Out’, Installation view, The Modern Institute, Aird’s Lane, 2017


The Bridge Awards Residency, Emerging Visual Artists in Scotland, 2017

Florrie James

03 July 2017 - 30 July 2017

4DWU_Location research Eigg

This residency supports an emerging artist based in Scotland and is generously supported by the Bridge Awards.

Florrie James is a painter and film-maker based in Glasgow. She has been working with experimental film and loosely defined narrative for several years, occasionally working alone but often in the context of collaborative projects with other writers or film-makers. Her recent film works have included Mountaintop Administration (2014), Brighthouse (2014), O.k. Rick (2015) and new works filmed in Havana, Cuba, with Ross Little.

At Cove Park James will focus upon a new film, Four Day Weekend Underground, developed with writer Sam Bellacosa. The film concerns the journey of a young traveller from Glasgow to the Isle of Eigg in the year 2044. James and Bellacosa have described the work as ‘…a travelogue regarding the kindness of strangers. It is a road movie in the absence of money (and) sets out to depict, through a speculative alter-future, conditions of migration, individualism, corporatism,and land use, as well as the romantic appeal of WROL (Without Rule of Law) in popular imagination.’

The residency will provide time for James to edit and reflect upon the footage produced to date, in order to formulate new ideas and filming techniques. Throughout the research and pre-production process, it has been important for James to continually re-assess the work in development and allow improvisation to occur within the making of the film, a requirement this residency can support.

Image: Location research for ‘Four Day Weekend Underground’, Isle of Eigg, 2016



Visual Arts – One-to-One, 2017

Sophie Mallett & Marie Toseland

24 July 2017 - 31 July 2017

2. 2s from the bottom up, RA, 2015

Cove Park’s One-to-One programme was established in 2012 and is designed to support artists working in collaboration. To date, One-to-One residencies have been awarded to Matt Keegan & James Richards, Kelly Dobson & Ilana Halperin, Ruth Beale & Amy Feneck, Shireen Taylor & Sandra Ross, Victor & Hester (Amelia Bywater & Emma Fitts), Sam Watson & Eleanor Wright and Ian Whittlesea & Pádraic E. Moore. The programme supports those with an established collaboration and those exploring the possibility of working together for the first time.

The 2017 One-to-One residency has been awarded to SMT (Sophie Mallett and Marie Toseland). SMT are an established collaboration working across sound, video and performance – in which Mallett’s interest in sound’s ability to create distinct architectures of control, and Toseland’s interest in intimate sonic spaces contained within the body, meet, multiply and re-form.

At Cove Park SMT will focus on the development of an ambitious commission for the Tate St Ives (for the Autumn of this year). This new, scored sound work is informed by research into the theory of the Hypersea – a concept coupling human bodies to all bodies of water – and draws links between the shared capacity of both sea and sound to exist across multiple sites, as a unifying, networked mass. In addition to this commission – and to be explored further at Cove Park – research into the Hypersea will further manifest as new live performances, film works and objects.

Image: ‘2s from the bottom up’, 2015, Performance 17:00min. Royal Academy, London. November 2015. Image courtesy of Joshua Tucker


Upland at Cove Park

Bea Last

05 September 2016 - 18 September 2016

16-7-15 016

In 2016 Cove Park is working in partnership with Upland on the development of two new residencies. Upland is a visual art and craft development organisation based in Dumfries and Galloway and central to its mission is the support and promotion of artists and makers in its region. Following an open call to its members, we are pleased to be able to award two residencies to artists from Dumfries and Galloway this year: textile artist Morag Macpherson and visual artist Bea Last.

Bea Last is a painter. She has stated that she is ‘concerned with the process of relationship, movement, memory, dialogue and energy.’ Her canvases are often large scale, emphasising their very physical presence, and she tends to work on a series consecutively, creating a vital dialogue with her working drawings and sketchbooks. During her two week residency at Cove Park, Last will continue to explore her interest in developing and presenting work beyond a traditional gallery context. In relation to this, and with the documentation of her own practice, she is interested in exploring the ways we connect and converse with images through technology.

Image: ‘Doric I & II’, 2015. Industrial paint/gesso/graphite on canvas, 70″ x 70″ each. Location, Moat Brae, Dumfries. Photography, Euan Adamson


International Visual Arts

Dane Mitchell

23 June 2016 - 14 July 2016

Dane Mitchell’s practice — which involves installation and sculpture  — explores ephemeral phenomena on the threshold of perceptibility. In particular the work investigates a form of ‘plastic invisibility’, exploring territories of transformation between physical states, and seeks to frame, invoke or reify material and sensory qualities which are marginal, unstable, dynamic or transitional. One material outcome of his research, over the past 8 years, has seen the investigation of the sculptural possibilities of smell, namely through the employment of the craft of perfume making. He has also employed the practice and protocol of homeothapy as a vehicle for exploring the relation between material substances (such as atoms and the body) and immaterial substances that transcend the molecular (such as thought-forms and spirit), as it offers a framework for a productive (mis)understanding of a material universe and of how meaning might be inscribed in objects.

This residency presents Mitchell with the opportunity to focus on research and to explore material possibilities and connections within Scotland: through perfumery (in terms of peat’s history as a perfume ingredient) and material essences (through the processes of distilling materials). This is the first time the New-Zealand-based artist has worked in Scotland.

Cove Park is committed to supporting established international artists and creating ways in which these individuals can engage with artists, organizations and audiences in Scotland. Previous international visual arts residents include Jumana Abboud (Palestine), Bik van der Pol (The Netherlands), Tyler Coburn (USA), Tania Pérez Córdova (Mexico), Abraham Cruzvillegas (Mexico), Mariana Castillo Deball (Mexico), Martin Healy (Ireland), Takahiro Iwasaki (Japan), Taro Izumi (Japan), Matt Keegan (USA), Matts Leiderstam (Sweden), Sean Lynch (Ireland), Paul P. (Canada) and Jan Verwoert (Germany).

Image: ‘Structural Formula, Water Molecule’, 2015, 1000mm x 500mm x 19mm. brass. Photo: Stefan Jaeggi. Courtesy RaebervonStenglin, Zurich



UK Visual Arts 2, 2016

Jess Wiesner

29 August 2016 - 25 September 2016

Jess Wiesner works primarily in performance, video, image making and sculpture. Her work evolves from the relationship between structures and subjectivity, representation, abstraction and ‘reading’. She often focuses on things that occur by accident whilst the planned ‘thing’ is happening – of making and of history, including the private space of the individual. She hones in on details from everyday life to reveal hidden structures, patterns of behaviour, reproductive processes; interweaving public social systems with personal histories to explore contemporary feminist discourse in order to uncover a new reading of an original encounter, memory or event. At Cove Park Wiesner will develop new work and build, in part, upon a one-off live performance ‘Scanner Go Lightly’ presented at Chisenhale Gallery, London, in 2015.

Cove Park’s UK Visual Arts Residencies support established visual artists based in the United Kingdom. These residencies enable artists to develop new work and, in many cases for the first time, to spend a prolonged period living and working in Scotland. Recent residents include Adam Chodzko, Ruth Claxton, Mike Cooter, Chris Evans, Ruth Ewan, Melissa Gordon, Anja Kirschner, Olivia Plender, Margaret Salmon, Cara Tolmie and Alison Turnbull.

Image: ‘Teenager with viagra’, sculpture detail, 2015


Scottish Visual Arts 1, 2016

Douglas Morland

06 June 2016 - 02 July 2016

broadcast rites still

Douglas Morland works across a broad range of media including sculpture, installation, printmaking, video and sound. The transmission and reception of information and the ability (or lack thereof) of a material to mediate between these poles is crucial to his practice. The objects, films and other works he creates often involve repetition, corruption and distortion, acknowledging the ghosts of memory and loss and the space of swallowed rhythms, repressions and omissions.

At Cove Park, Douglas will develop the script, visual language and soundscape of an ambitious new film work. This work will build upon his first significant moving image work, ‘Broadcast Rites’, screened as part of a solo exhibition at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art in 2015. However, whereas ‘Broadcast Rites’ was filmed within the confines of a tiny set, this new work will rely heavily upon both the power and the subtlety of the Scottish landscape.

This residency supports a visual artist based in Scotland at a key stage in their career. It enables the artist to undertake research, explore new ideas and make significant developments in their practice within the context of Cove Park’s international and cross-disciplinary programme. Previous residents on this programme include Roderick Buchanan, Melanie Carvalho, Rob Churm, Henry Coombes, Kathryn Elkin, Luke Fowler, Michael Fullerton, Fiona Jardine, Torsten Lauschmann, Lorna Macintyre, Toby Paterson, Stephen Sutcliffe and Hugh Watt.

Image: Still from ‘Broadcast Rites’ (2015) HD video


UK Visual Arts 1, 2016

Simon Bedwell

25 July 2016 - 21 August 2016

10. UNTITLED (NO INSIDE) 2014. Installation view

Based in London, Simon Bedwell has been exhibiting his work nationally and internationally since the mid 1990s. For the past five years, his practice has focussed upon ceramic sculpture. This began with the artist making his own ‘ornaments’ to accompany other found objects ,in a series of exhibitions (from 2006 – 2009) based partly upon the status of art objects. From 2009, Bedwell became interested in the figure of the pot as a general representation of art’s ‘useful uselessness’. At Cove Park, he wishes to extend his research into a version of Symbolism-influenced ceramic work through repeatedly glazed, conjoined vessels.

Cove Park’s UK Visual Arts Residencies support established visual artists based in the United Kingdom. These residencies enable artists to develop new work and, in many cases for the first time, to spend a prolonged period living and working in Scotland. Recent residents include Adam Chodzko, Ruth Claxton, Mike Cooter, Chris Evans, Ruth Ewan, Melissa Gordon, Anja Kirschner, Olivia Plender, Margaret Salmon, Cara Tolmie and Alison Turnbull.

Image: Untitled (No Inside), 2014, installation shot, fired and unfired ceramics with found furniture. Courtesy MOT International


Argyll Youth Arts

26 November 2015

Argyll Youth Arts increases opportunities for young people in Argyll & Bute to experience creative arts activity. It is one of nine regional arts hubs developed as part of Creative Scotland‘s Time to Shine initiative, empowering young people through the arts and arts projects initiated and inspired by young people, supported by and working with arts professionals from their community and beyond.

Argyll Youth Arts positions young people directly in control of originating the programme in their region, supporting them to develop the skills and creative vision to realise events within their community and connect to an Argyll-wide network of youth arts activities. At the core of the programme and network are the Young Promoters and Youth Arts TV Channel Managers who will curate their own youth arts activities, as well as create a dynamic online presence for the region’s young creatives to connect, share and grow together.

Cove Park with other professional arts organisations including Dunnon Burgh Hall, Comar, Artmap Argyll, Artsqwest and The Tower form a Steering Group supporting the Young Promoters and Youth Arts TV Channel Managers as well as delivering a range of other activities.

The Argyll Youth Arts logo is the winning design of Grace Carroll, a student at Locgilphead High School, who was mentored by designer Maeve Redmond, a resident at Cove Park in 2014.


Friday Events

27 June 2018 - 26 September 2018 / Cove Park

DSC_0451 1

A new programme for summer of 2014 of talks, readings and studio presentations by Cove Park’s resident artists and invited guests. These events are free and everyone is welcome!

During August, these events continue to represent the full range of our national and international residencies in crafts, literature and visual art. All the events begin at 4pm.

This Week:

Friday 19 September, 4.00pm – visual artist CARA TOLMIE.




UK Visual Arts I – Art Writing, 2014

Will Holder

23 June 2014 - 13 July 2014

P1040178 copy BW

Typographer, writer and curator Will Holder will be based at Cove Park for three weeks this summer, producing a formal analysis of the commentary that three twentieth century calligraphers wrote alongside their work.

Cove Park has a long history of supporting national and international art writers and curators through its visual arts programme. Former residents working in these fields include: Katrina Brown, Sacha Craddock, Maria Fusco, Bart van der Heide, Jennifer Higgie, Moira Jeffrey, Mark Sladen, Polly Staple, and Jan Verwoert.

Image: Series edited with Alex Waterman (published by Miguel Abreu Gallery: The Kitchen; Sternberg Press; New Documents). Four books examining the role of the printed page in collective reading processes, seen through the perspective of musical production and graphic notation. The series’ grand finale is the 850 page ‘YES, BUT IS IT EDIBLE?‘ (forthcoming, August 2014), scored biography of American composer Robert Ashley, for two or more voices. 


Scottish Visual Arts 2014

Sarah Forrest

18 August 2014 - 14 September 2014


Sarah Forrest’s videos and installations reflect the central importance of literature to her practice. The influence of fiction, theory and philosophy manifests itself in her work both visually and through written components (usually spoken word narration). Her recent video installation ‘I Left it on Page 32′ (for her solo exhibition at Glasgow’s CCA in 2013) was shaped directly by Jean Paul Sartre’s ‘Nausea’, which she refers to as ‘a fiction picked up and forced to participate in my work.’

At Cove Park, Forrest will develop new work using film, photography and sculpture. Following on from the production of her first limited edition for CCA last year (‘Sadie Kane.’), Forrest the artist also intends to develop a new multiple that will draw directly from her experience of the residency

This residency supports a visual artist based in Scotland at a key stage in their career. It enables the artist to undertake research, explore new ideas and make significant developments in their practice within the context of Cove Park’s international and cross-disciplinary programme.

Previous residents on this programme include Roderick Buchanan, Melanie Carvalho, Rob Churm, Henry Coombes, Luke Fowler, Michael Fullerton, Fiona Jardine, Torsten Lauschmann, Lorna Macintyre, Stephen Sutcliffe and Hugh Watt.

Image: ‘I Left it on Page 32′, 2013, double screen HD projection, green walls, furniture, Nausea with a gold casio inserted, duration 21 minutes, exhibited as part of the installation ‘I Left it on Page 32′, CCA, Glasgow


UK Visual Arts II 2014

Ruth Claxton

23 June 2014 - 27 July 2014


Ruth Claxton is known for her large scale, site responsive installations and public sculptures which often use reflective and mirrored surfaces to create complex, interconnecting visual ‘worlds’ inhabited by smaller figurative works. Referencing display systems and architecture, and drawing on languages of art, craft and design, these works usually consist of a series of evolving components that coalesce for a moment in a particular space and then move on. The relationship between object and surface, an exploration of hierarchies of display and attempts to choreograph and orchestrate ‘looking’ are key to the artist’s practice, alongside a general interest in the digital mediation of contemporary life.

During her five week residency, Claxton intends to explore different materials and processes and to develop new sculptures and installations that are activated by a viewer’s physical presence.

Cove Park’s UK Visual Arts Residencies support established visual artists based in the United Kingdom. These residencies enable artists to develop new work and, in many cases for the first time, to spend a prolonged period living and working in Scotland. Recent residents include Adam Chodzko, Mike Cooter, Chris Evans, Ruth Ewan, Melissa Gordon, Anja Kirschner, Olivia Plender and Alison Turnbull.


One-to-One 2014

Victor & Hester

23 June 2014 - 29 June 2014


Cove Park’s One-to-One programme was established in 2012 and is designed to support artists working in collaboration. This year, the residency has been awarded to Victor & Hester, an ongoing collaborative project between visual artists Amelia Bywater and Emma Fitts.

Launched in 2010, Victor & Hester work collaboratively with both Scotland-based and international artists to present performance, text and printed matter within and around temporary social spaces. The Cove Park residency will provide Bywater and Fitts with an intense period of research and production time together, leading to the development of new work.

Image: Victor & Hester, ‘Speech Cards’, 2014, Dog Park Art Project Space, Christchurch, NZ


Michael Fullerton – Meaning Inc

14 January 2014

Michael Fullerton currently has a solo exhibition ‘Meaning Inc’ at Greene Naftalie Gallery, New York.

Meaning, Inc. expands the artist’s ongoing investigation of media, technology, and justice with an exhibition that questions the social or civic relevance of art—and especially painting—in the age of information and mass media.

The exhibition runs from January 9th – February 8th 2014


Room for Laarni, Image Moderator – Adam Chodzko

12 November 2013


A new solo exhibition by Adam ChodzkoRoom for Laarni, Image Moderator, opened on 5 November 2013 at Marlborough Contemporary. It is the artist’s first solo project at the gallery and continues his interest in ideas of remoteness and intimacy and what is public and private through the interweaving of documentary and fiction. Using Laarni, a fictional image moderator from the Philipines as its central character, Chodzko explores ideas around the dissemination of imagery via social media across the globe and the visual narratives projected by social media users in the west. The exhibition runs until 21 December 2013.


Alison Turnbull – De La Warr Pavilion

12 November 2013

Alison Turnbull

An exhibition of new and recent work by former Visual Arts resident Alison Turnbull opened at the De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill-on-Sea, on 9 November 2013. In a series of intricate abstract paintings and drawings, Turnbull explores ideas around observation, orientation and perspective.  As well as wall pieces, across the gallery space are six of the artist’s Drawing Tables: an ongoing series of drawings made on printed stationery from around the world, presented in specially designed tables. This exhibition continues until 23 February 2014.



Alison Turnbull & Philip Hoare

4 September 2013

JT by AT IMG_1108

We are pleased to announce that Creative Scotland has awarded Cove Park funding to support a major project by visual artist Alison Turnbull and writer Philip Hoare. This project includes a book focusing on Linn Botanic Gardens – an outstanding garden located in Cove on the Rosneath peninsula – and two permanent public artworks by Turnbull to be sited in the gardens in 2014. Further details will follow shortly.


Mariana Castillo Deball

17 April 2013 - 14 July 2013


‘What we caught we threw away, what we didn’t catch we kept’ is a solo exhibition by the Mexican artist Mariana Castillo Deball. This exhibition was co-commissioned by CCA, Chisenhale Gallery and Cove Park, and includes new work produced by the artist on site at Cove Park and in Berlin and Mexico. The exhibition will be shown at CCA until 18 May 2013 and subsequently at Chisenhale Gallery from 24 May – 14 July 2013.


Mariana Castillo Deball

27 March 2013


The Berlin-based artist Mariana Castillo Deball was co-commissioned by Cove Park, CCA Glasgow and the Chisenhale Gallery, London, in 2012 to produce new work. Mariana has just completed her second residency at Cove Park. Supported by the Henry Moore Foundation, Mariana will present new work developed here, and in Berlin and Mexico, at the CCA from 5 April 2013 and at Chisenhale Gallery from 23 May 2013. These will be the artist’s first solo shows in the UK.


Artists in Schools

04 March 2013 - 29 March 2013

AIS for website

This month long residency places professional artists in special educational needs departments of schools in the Argyll & Bute region. It is supported by the St James Place Foundation, The Moffat Charitable Trust, Babock Community Investment Group and The Merchant House of Glasgow.  Artists are based at Cove Park for four weeks, during which time they can concentrate on developing their own practice as well as having the unique opportunity of spending a concentrated period of time planning and developing the arts education project. In spring 2013 this residency has been awarded to artists Deirdre Nelson and Frances Priest. Both artists have extensive experience of working on projects in learning and community environments for organisations such as Art Link Edinburgh, Project Ability Glasgow, Art in Hospitals and Luminate.

The 2013 project has been titled Bloomin Rubbish.  The Cove Park artists and the pupils at Parklands School have been collected recyclable plastics from the local community to create a recycled garden full of brightly coloured blooms and insects in the schools playground. Download the PDFs below if you fancy making your own recycled Andy the Caterpillar and Buz the Bee!

How to Make Andy The Caterpillar

How to Make Buz The Busy Bee






James Rigler ‘Room Service’

3 October 2012


Cove Park’s 2011 ceramics resident James Rigler has created a new installation at Pollock House commissioned by The Lighthouse, Glasgow.  Rigler has responded to the grandeur and formality of the house in its heyday. His interventions create new narratives and offer an alternative interpretation of the house and its contents, encouraging visitors to look again at the many features and details throughout the house and gardens.  ’Room Service’ runs from 2nd October -4th November 2012. For more details see


Brody Condon Research Residency 2012

06 September 2012 - 16 September 2012


New York based visual artist Brody Condon will be at Cove Park for two weeks to continue research on a collaboration with Scottish visual artist Christine Borland.

Condon’s work is concerned with the interaction between actual and virtual digital experience. Borland’s artworks touch on the territories of ethics and medical humanities. Together, they are collaborating with Glasgow Sculpture Studios and a team of medical education experts to develop a new joint project which will explore their shared interests.

The project is one of eight supported through Creative Scotland’s Vital Spark funding programme. This scheme, made possible through Scottish Government’s Innovation Fund, encourages experimentation, radical new work and innovative approaches to engaging with audiences.