Crafts residency in partnership with The Lighthouse: Poppy Nash

02/04/2018 - 16/04/2018

Poppy Nash

Cove Park working in partnership with The Lighthouse, has developed a new opportunity for emerging designers, architects and craft practitioners. This residency has been developed with the aim to support the research and development of new work within the unique setting of Cove Park, with the eventual outcome of exhibiting work, research or outcomes within the Review Gallery at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture.

Cove Park is delighted to welcome Poppy Nash as our inaugural resident for this programme with The Lighthouse. She will undertake a 2 week fully-funded residency at Cove Park in April and will be given the opportunity of a six week exhibition within the Review Gallery at The Lighthouse in August.

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Upland at Cove Park

15/08/2016 - 28/08/2016

Morag Macpherson

In 2016 Cove Park is working in partnership with Upland on the development of two new residencies. Upland is a visual art and craft development organisation based in Dumfries and Galloway and central to its mission is the support and promotion of artists and makers in its region. Following an open call to its members, we are pleased to be able to award two residencies to artists from Dumfries and Galloway this year: textile artist Morag Macpherson and visual artist Bea Last.

Morag Macpherson is a textile artist, her practice focuses on surface pattern creation which is informed by extensive theoretical and photographic research. Her bold, graphic designs are digitally printed and used to produce unique garments and interior pieces, and limited edition fabric, wallpaper, cushions and scarves. Macpherson intends to use her time at Cove Park for hands-on experimentation and to explore some ideas around imperfection versus perfection in working process, the influence of rural and urban living on a practice, healing and art as fashion/fashion as art, which may lead to written texts.

Image: Patchwork Skirts- fashion shoot, against the backdrop of the Rural Mural at night. Photography, Kim Ayres.

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Scottish Crafts Residency 2013

01/07/2013 - 19/07/2013

Beca Lipscombe

This two-month residency aims to support a Scottish emerging or established designer/maker. It provides the artist with the time and space to explore new ideas and ways of working within Cove Park’s international and cross-disciplinary programme. Without the requirement of a final project or presentation, this residency is intended to promote the development of new ideas and work.

Previous residents on this programme include Catherine Aitken, Deirdre Nelson, Frances Priest, Laura Spring and Dawn Youll.

Beca Lipscombe is an Edinburgh based printmaker and textile designer. Working both independently as a designer and collaboratively as part of the company Atelier EB, Lipscombe’s practice is concerned with the exploration and definition of an indigineous Scottish aesthetic through hand and industrial craft production.

She intends to use her time at Cove Park to disseminate research material collected with a view to making new work.

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UK Crafts Residency 2013

22/07/2013 - 30/08/2013

Linda Florence

This six-week residency supports an established designer/maker at a key stage in their career. It enables the artist to undertake research, explore new ideas and make significant developments in their practice within the context of Cove Park’s international and cross-disciplinary programme.

Previous residents on this programme include Charlotte Linton, Lina Peterson, Joe Pipal, Pottinger and Cole and Lucian Taylor.

Linda Florence is a designer working in bespoke handmade wallpapers and installation artworks. Her works are driven by narratives and often involve an interactive element.

She intends to use her residency to explore cultural references to textile and pattern design within homes and to look at how the action of making connects people with particular reference to a story about tenement cleaning and decorating in Paisley from the early part of the 20th Century.

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Laura Spring

The Lighthouse, Glasgow presents Laura Spring’s new textile collection.   Focusing on the relationship between print and function, Spring’s bespoke luggage and clothing features designs developed while on residency  at Cove Park in 2010.  The exhibition opens on 25th October and runs until 3rd December in the Review Gallery.

Bird Yarns

Deirdre Nelson has been working as artist-in-residence at An Tobar, Mull on a project called Bird Yarns in association with Cape Farewell.  The project brings knitters from Mull and across the UK together with textile artist Nelson in response to the changing migration patterns of seabirds across Scotland’s islands. Working with local wool from Ardalanish, Mull, and recycled materials, the knitters will create a flock of ‘lost’ arctic terns on Tobermory Pier and provide them with a Mull welcome of local food, music and poetry.  Bird Yarns launches at An Tobar on 21 June at 8.30pm, where Deirdre Nelson will be joined by Gaelic poet Rody Gordman, Black Isle writer and broadcaster Kenny Taylor, and Cape Breton Gaelic singer Mary Jane Lamond.



International Crafts Residency 2011

15/08/2011 - 02/09/2011

Priya Ravish Mehra

This three-week residency supports the work of an international artist working in a craft medium. It has been developed in collaboration with Deveron Arts: an artist residency organisation in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, and is the result of a Creative Scotland funded Craft Curator’s research trip to India in 2010.

Priya Ravish Mehra is a textile artist and weaver, researcher and designer currently based in Dehli. Her current research involves a darning tradition called ‘Rafoogari’ practiced by the Rafoogar community  in India.

Her project largely involves the documentation of Indian darners at work, making their skilful repairs in different contexts within India and beyond. The artist will undertake a two-part residency in Scotland. The initial period at Cove Park will be spent further researching the project in the context of the Scottish textile industry, with particular interest in the connection between traditional Indian techniques and those developed in nearby Paisley.  The opportunity to be resident at Cove Park will also be a chance for her to explore ideas around the notion of repair and renewal with artists working in other disciplines. This will be followed by a very practical community workshop based residency at Deveron Arts.

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Scottish Crafts Residency

02/06/2011 - 10/06/2011

Laura Spring

This six-week residency supports an emerging or established designer/maker based in Scotland.  The aim is to provide the artist with the time and space to explore new ideas and ways of working within Cove Park’s international and cross-disciplinary programme. Without the requirement for solutions or end results, this period is intended to encourage the possibilities for future work.

Laura Spring is a Glasgow based designer who, after working in a business partnership for a number of years, is currently embarking on an independent practice. Since graduating from Glasgow School of art in 2002, she has developed her practice in printed textiles, working predominantly in the areas of fashion and interiors.

At a very transitional stage in her career, she will use her time at Cove Park to explore experimental printing techniques, researching and developing a new range of work and engaging with artists working in other disciplines to explore a wider context for her practice.


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