Camouflage Portrait (Black on Black), 2006, Screenprint

Coley examines how the values of a society are reflected in, and determined by its built environment, addressing concerns such as the importance of place, the social value of architecture and the meaning and relevance of contemporary monuments. In his work for the Cove Park Portfolio, Coley applied two black inks to black paper to form a ‘camouflage portrait’ that seems to deny or disappear into its own existence. The print alters in visibility according to the viewer’s position and the light sources reflected on it. In doing this it transposes the language of his recent paintings shown at Frieze Art Fair 2006 and in the sculptural models and wall painting in his solo exhibition There will be no miracles here, at Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute, 2006.  In its title and concept, the print also alludes to military camouflage, linking to the context of Cove Park’s location near the nuclear submarine base Faslane.