Autoxylopyrocycloboros, 2006,

Archival giclee print with Epson pigment Ultrachrome ink and burning

Winner of the 2005 Turner Prize, Simon Starling is one of Scotland’s most internationally acclaimed artists.  His works often consist of ‘journeys’ that reveal hidden relationships and histories in the process of transforming one object or substance into another.  In 2004 he accepted the first Cove Park Commission and developed Autoxylopyrocycloboros: a major new project launched in summer 2006 that focused on the history and geography of the Clyde Estuary. For Autoxylopyrocycloboros Starling sailed a small, customised steamboat on Loch Long, feeding the wooden boat piece by piece into the onboard woodburner, until it finally sank. The project formed the basis of his solo exhibition at Kunstverein Heidelberg in November 2006, and also for his work for the Cove Park Portfolio. Using an image documenting the sailing, he has converted each archivally guaranteed giclee print, into a unique work by applying a burning process to them.