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This winter we are again hosting artists from across the UK, Italy and Mexico, for residencies of 1 – 3 weeks.

With the shorter daylight hours and chillier weather outside, winter at Cove Park offers a completely different experience to the rest of the year. We charge a reduced fee, allowing more artists to benefit from time, space and freedom to research, create and develop their practice and ideas. This year the artists are:

Al White, Visual Artist 
Allyson Keehan, Visual Artist & Practice-based PhD Student, Glasgow School of Art 
Amy Feneck, Visual Artist & Experimental Writer
Camilla Holder, Visual Artist
Chris Walker, Visual Artist
Emilia Beatriz, Visual Artist (Film)
Hannah Edward, Katie Eyre, Niamh Maloney & Erin Semple, Recent graduates, Glasgow School of Art
James Mitchell, Experimental Writer / Fiction
Jessica Phillippi, Theatre Maker
Jon Walter, Writer
Kate McLaughlin, Jeweller
Kevin Gilday, Spoken Word Artist
Kit Spink, Writer
Laura Vent, Artist & Lecturer UAL
Laurence Tompkins, Musician / Composer
Louise Ward, Photographer
Ocean Loren, Visual Artist
Sam Lou Talbot, Writer/Academic/Musician
Sandra Ireland, Writer
Sophie Lee, Writer
Steve Bretel, Visual Artist / Craft
Sue Lawrence, Writer
Susan McCallum Smith, Writer
Zoe Lambert, Writer.

Artists have received funding from a variety of sources to enable them to take up this opportunity. If you would be interested in bringing your idea or project to Cove Park in 2019 or beyond, please get in touch with