Anne-Marie Copestake’s work includes film, video, text, performance and sculpture. Collaboration has also been a key part of her practice since 2000 and she is a founder member of both Poster Club (working with other visual artists and using the medium of print as a site for experimental collaborative practice) and the band Muscles of Joy.

Copestake’s recent focus has been upon the development of ‘Lasing’: a new project consisting of a digital film, printed and drawn images and live performance. An earlier work, ‘Back as Front Inside as Out, Part One’ (2015), and described by the artist as ‘an initial exploratory film’, foregrounded artists experimentation and the early experiences, during the 1960s and 70s, of Margaret Benyon (the first artist to use holography as a medium).  The subject of ‘Lasing’ will again be the experiences of Margaret Benyon, exploring her later struggle with the shifting and critical views of holography. At Cove Park Copestake will continue methods developed during this ambitious project to explore and progress ideas for new audio works, visual footage and sound design.

Image: Still from ‘Back As Front Inside As Out, Part One’ (2015)