Scott Myles’ practice is both conceptually-based and strongly gestural. He expresses his ideas in varied materials and in many mediums including sculpture, printmaking, painting, text, drawing, photography and performance. He often combines different artistic processes within single artworks or as part of gallery based installations. Furthermore, his works may take shape as print-based paintings, for instance, or as large-scale sculptures, but can just as well consist of ephemeral gestures or actions. These varied approaches are a means of exploring his own artistic language and research interests. Key among these are: gift exchange as a forging of reciprocal obligations and relationships; art’s interaction with economics and the status of art-making as a form of work and/or as a refusal of work; and the question of how psychological or subjective dimensions might register in the very materials and structures of our physical environment.

Over the past year Myles has focussed on developing work for three solo exhibitions in Berlin, Glasgow and Tokyo. He intends to use this residency as valuable time to review research material and visual imagery accumulated since 2014 through access he was granted to three key archives: the ‘Guy Debord Archive’ at Bibliotheque Nationale de France, ‘Archives Galleries Lafayette’, Paris, and ‘BEST Products/ Lewis papers’ at the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, USA. At Cove Park, Myles will explore ways in which he can engage with and re-present this material as part of the development of new work.

Image: ‘This Way Out’, Installation view, The Modern Institute, Aird’s Lane, 2017