Glasgow-based artist Alex Frost will be based at Cove Park for two weeks this September. This residency will enable the artist to research and develop new work that we hope to present on site at Cove Park in 2014. He will return to Cove Park in the spring next year for a second residency.

Alex Frost is known for his work in sculpture, murals and in drawing. His innovative approach to his practice embraces his use of oven-baked polymer clay sculptures, sand sculpture, smashed tile mosaics, brass rubbings, drawing with knitting pattern computer software and ‘blind drawings’ (where pixilated photographs punctured laboriously with a pin and painted through). The use of these techniques communicates a hand-made and home-spun aesthetic and this in turn underlines his ongoing interest in craft, consumerism and how branding is used to communicate lifestyle aspirations of the consumer. The artist has produced a number of sculptures that have depicted recognizable domestic brands, often associated with western, middle-class values, such as ‘V8 Juice’, ‘Twinings Tea’ and ‘Vegi-Burger Mix’. Works such as these have been juxtaposed in previous exhibitions to mosaic panels that represent brand logos associated with digital technologies, conveying a tension between the gestural quality of the hand-made object and the machine-finished aesthetic of the mass-produced item.

Alex Frost is working increasingly on projects in public spaces. His research at Cove Park will further these concerns and include investigations into community and participation art practices, the role of public sculpture and the shape of cultural hierarchy.