Cove Park’s One-to-One programme was established in 2012 and is designed to support artists working in collaboration. To date, One-to-One residencies have been awarded to Matt Keegan & James Richards, Kelly Dobson & Ilana Halperin, Ruth Beale & Amy Feneck, Shireen Taylor & Sandra Ross, Victor & Hester (Amelia Bywater & Emma Fitts), Sam Watson & Eleanor Wright and Ian Whittlesea & Pádraic E. Moore. The programme supports those with an established collaboration and those exploring the possibility of working together for the first time.

The 2017 One-to-One residency has been awarded to SMT (Sophie Mallett and Marie Toseland). SMT are an established collaboration working across sound, video and performance – in which Mallett’s interest in sound’s ability to create distinct architectures of control, and Toseland’s interest in intimate sonic spaces contained within the body, meet, multiply and re-form.

At Cove Park SMT will focus on the development of an ambitious commission for the Tate St Ives (for the Autumn of this year). This new, scored sound work is informed by research into the theory of the Hypersea – a concept coupling human bodies to all bodies of water – and draws links between the shared capacity of both sea and sound to exist across multiple sites, as a unifying, networked mass. In addition to this commission – and to be explored further at Cove Park – research into the Hypersea will further manifest as new live performances, film works and objects.

Image: ‘2s from the bottom up’, 2015, Performance 17:00min. Royal Academy, London. November 2015. Image courtesy of Joshua Tucker