An artist from Puerto Rico’s diaspora, Emilia Beatriz is based in Scotland. Beatriz’s interdisciplinary practice moves between lens-based media, text, sound, and performance; nourished and underpinned by workshops, shared research, collaborations, access work and other relational elements. Most recently, they have collaborated and exhibited in Bogotá, Colombia, Ferrara, Italy and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since 2007, Beatriz has actively contributed to Scotland’s arts communities including on Transmission’s committee, organising with Arika, and co-founding Collective Text.

Beatriz is currently working on Alterstructures, a long-term social & research-based project that centres embodied histories and poetic ways of knowing, collective dreaming and action. Inspired by Aurora Levins Morales’ ‘historian as curandera’ methodology, this project focuses on intergenerational & inter-species communication, grief-work, and ecological resistance as decolonial healing practice at the intersections of ‘care and crisis’. The work draws on two years’ research between Scotland & Puerto Rico in site-specific locations related to island or isolated ecologies, local knowledge as infrastructural systems and ecological resistance in contexts of toxicity, military occupation & changing climates.