Cove Park’s UK Visual Arts Residencies support established visual artists based in the United Kingdom. These residencies enable artists to develop new work and, in many cases for the first time, to spend a prolonged period living and working in Scotland.

Mike Cooter is based in London. His work – in sculpture, installation and video – considers the narrative agency of objects, both ethnographic and modern. Through the recontextualisation of the object, Cooter investigates how narrative use effects the understanding of matter and vice-versa.

Following an intensive period of production and exhibitions, the residency will enable the artist to reflect upon recent work with regard to future projects. He intends to produce a new body of work focusing upon the extensive use of anthropological sculptures in the production design of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1948 film ‘Rope’. By remaking and recontextualising the sculptures that feature in this iconic film, Cooter aims to formally understand their usage alongside a more theoretical and conceptual reflection on the purpose to which they, as well as other similar objects, are put to use in popular culture.