Typographer, writer and curator Will Holder will be based at Cove Park for three weeks this summer, producing a formal analysis of the commentary that three twentieth century calligraphers wrote alongside their work.

Cove Park has a long history of supporting national and international art writers and curators through its visual arts programme. Former residents working in these fields include: Katrina Brown, Sacha Craddock, Maria Fusco, Bart van der Heide, Jennifer Higgie, Moira Jeffrey, Mark Sladen, Polly Staple, and Jan Verwoert.

Image: Series edited with Alex Waterman (published by Miguel Abreu Gallery: The Kitchen; Sternberg Press; New Documents). Four books examining the role of the printed page in collective reading processes, seen through the perspective of musical production and graphic notation. The series’ grand finale is the 850 page ‘YES, BUT IS IT EDIBLE?‘ (forthcoming, August 2014), scored biography of American composer Robert Ashley, for two or more voices.