Margaret Salmon makes film based installations and shorts combining her interests in historical film methods, human and animal behavior, social relationships, realist storytelling and observational filmmaking. She looks to explore the hinterlands of traditional film language and technique while engaging with and critiquing everyday themes and notions in Western culture, presenting audiences with carefully rendered reworkings of both familiar and exotic subjects. Craft and performance are essential parts of her process and she works on camera, direction and edit herself.

At Cove Park for six weeks, Salmon will focus upon preliminary filming and research for a new long form film based in Scottish woodlands. This work will integrate documentary footage of wildlife in multiple habitats, alongside a narrative which includes references to conservation, Scottish folklore and classic children’s films.

Cove Park’s UK Visual Arts Residencies support established visual artists based in the United Kingdom. These residencies enable artists to develop new work and, in many cases for the first time, to spend a prolonged period living and working in Scotland. Recent residents include Adam Chodzko, Ruth Claxton, Mike Cooter, Chris Evans, Ruth Ewan, Melissa Gordon, Anja Kirschner, Olivia Plender, Cara Tolmie and Alison Turnbull.

Image: Sill from ‘Eglantine’, long form film (75 mins), 2015, shot on 35mm on location in Scotland