This residency supports an emerging artist based in Scotland and is generously supported by the Bridge Awards.

Florrie James is a painter and film-maker based in Glasgow. She has been working with experimental film and loosely defined narrative for several years, occasionally working alone but often in the context of collaborative projects with other writers or film-makers. Her recent film works have included Mountaintop Administration (2014), Brighthouse (2014), O.k. Rick (2015) and new works filmed in Havana, Cuba, with Ross Little.

At Cove Park James will focus upon a new film, Four Day Weekend Underground, developed with writer Sam Bellacosa. The film concerns the journey of a young traveller from Glasgow to the Isle of Eigg in the year 2044. James and Bellacosa have described the work as ‘…a travelogue regarding the kindness of strangers. It is a road movie in the absence of money (and) sets out to depict, through a speculative alter-future, conditions of migration, individualism, corporatism,and land use, as well as the romantic appeal of WROL (Without Rule of Law) in popular imagination.’

The residency will provide time for James to edit and reflect upon the footage produced to date, in order to formulate new ideas and filming techniques. Throughout the research and pre-production process, it has been important for James to continually re-assess the work in development and allow improvisation to occur within the making of the film, a requirement this residency can support.

Image: Location research for ‘Four Day Weekend Underground’, Isle of Eigg, 2016