Sarah Forrest’s videos and installations reflect the central importance of literature to her practice. The influence of fiction, theory and philosophy manifests itself in her work both visually and through written components (usually spoken word narration). Her recent video installation ‘I Left it on Page 32’ (for her solo exhibition at Glasgow’s CCA in 2013) was shaped directly by Jean Paul Sartre’s ‘Nausea’, which she refers to as ‘a fiction picked up and forced to participate in my work.’

At Cove Park, Forrest will develop new work using film, photography and sculpture. Following on from the production of her first limited edition for CCA last year (‘Sadie Kane.’), Forrest the artist also intends to develop a new multiple that will draw directly from her experience of the residency

This residency supports a visual artist based in Scotland at a key stage in their career. It enables the artist to undertake research, explore new ideas and make significant developments in their practice within the context of Cove Park’s international and cross-disciplinary programme.

Previous residents on this programme include Roderick Buchanan, Melanie Carvalho, Rob Churm, Henry Coombes, Luke Fowler, Michael Fullerton, Fiona Jardine, Torsten Lauschmann, Lorna Macintyre, Stephen Sutcliffe and Hugh Watt.

Image: ‘I Left it on Page 32’, 2013, double screen HD projection, green walls, furniture, Nausea with a gold casio inserted, duration 21 minutes, exhibited as part of the installation ‘I Left it on Page 32’, CCA, Glasgow