This residency is offered to a writer based in Scotland who may not yet have published a work but demonstrates exceptional promise. It is an opportunity to develop a work in progress and to meet and work alongside established artists across all disciplines.

Jeda Pearl is a Scottish writer & poet. Inspired by her Jamaican and Geordie-Scottish heritage, her work often explores the intersections of identity, belonging, secrecy and survival. Drawing on her lived experience and other dualities, Jeda seeks to excavate and uplift interwoven hidden histories, cultures and languages of her ancestral islands.

In 2018, Jeda was selected for Written and Arvon’s first BAME writers’ course and she’s part of the BAME Writers Group at the Scottish Poetry Library. She’s an editor for The Selkie, is a Momaya Press, Yellow Room and Words with Jam short story finalist and her poetry appears in Multiverse – New International Science Fiction Poetry.

She’s currently working on The Lining of the Shell, her psychological/historical/folkloric debut novel. In 1842, Sohal loses his brother to slavers while running away from Maestro Jones, the abusive “exotic” child-collector, but when Maestro buys Umeko, Sohal decides to follow wherever she may lead (and that’s right back to camp). 170 years later, Dessie’s life feels constantly poisoned by her sociopathic half-sister but she’s also trying to escape her own destructive secrets and those strange episodes are back – the ones that splinter reality.

Find Jeda online @jedapearl or