Rosanna Irvine is an artist and choreographer working in an expanded field that encompasses performance, installation, digital media and writing – including written choreographic scores. Her work is presented in theatre, gallery and public spaces as well as on the page and online. Rosanna’s approach to making involves working with relational and material processes through specific qualities of attention and perception. This approach is informed by her early dance training at School for New Dance Development Amsterdam and her long history of mind-body practices – including Ki-Aikido, Shiatsu and Yoga. She works independently and in collaboration with choreographer Katrina Brown. Recent work has been presented nationally and internationally including at Nottdance Festival Nottingham, Tramway Glasgow, Het Veem Theatre, Amsterdam; KARST Gallery, Plymouth; Konteksty International Festival of Ephemeral Art, Sokolovsko, Poland; Siobhan Davies Studio, London; Nightingale Theatre, Brighton; Art Claims Impulse Gallery, Berlin.

During the residency Rosanna will work on her new project Breath Pieces – a flexible hybrid art work. Breath Pieces works with the material and energetic qualities of breath in the development of multiple pieces. In each of the Breath Pieces the actuality of the breathing breath is the driving force for the visceral emerging of kinetic, sonic and visual imagery. Breath Pieces operates across performance, sound, video, drawing and graphic notation for breath.