One-to-One is a new programme designed to support artists working collaboratively. Following a call for applications earlier this year, Cove Park has awarded four one-week residencies to enable visual artists to develop their collaborative practices and projects.

Kelly Dobson is a visual artist based in Cambridge, Massachusets, USA; Ilana Halperin is a visual artist based in Glasgow.

Dobson and Halperin both have established individual practices and exhibit their work internationally. They met in 2009 and, through discussion, recognized shared tendencies within their own practices that tap in to a shared terrain but manifest themselves in very different ways. Both artists have a long-terms collaborative engagement in fields ‘outwith’ their own disciplines: for Halperin, this is Geology, and for Dobson it is Engineering. For both, research across disciplines – from Medicine and Geoscience to History and Anthropology – are integrated parts of the work.

At Cove Park, Dobson and Halperin will work together for the first time and begin to develop a major new collaboration by exploring resonances within their individual practices.