Krista Belle Stewart lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is known for her ability to draw out the complexities of archival material that allow for both intimacy, coincidence, and an atemporal meeting of histories across time. Working with video, photography, design, ephemera and textiles, Stewart straddles the gaps between personal and institutional histories through transparent mediation.

This one-month residency will give Krista Belle the opportunity to develop new work in the UK for the first time. She anticipates the residency will provide the opportunity to continue her work with archival material and sculpture.

Cove Park’s international residencies are now appointed with the support of our International Visual Arts Advisory Board, a group of visual artists and curators, many of whom have undertaken residencies at Cove Park: Abraham Cruzvillegas, Mariana Castillo Deball, Mai Abu EIDahab, Geoffrey Farmer, Naoko Horiuchi and Jan Verwoert. We are grateful to this Board for their advice and time.

Image: Potato Gardens Band. Site specific installation in the basement of the Hudson Bay as part of group exhibition Stages: Drawing the Curtain. Plug-In Institute, Winnipeg, Manitoba. August 18 – September 4, 2017.