ektor garcia lives and works in Mexico City and New York City. Working primarily in sculpture, he has described his practice as ‘An exploration of materials, craft techniques, experiments and failures. Lately, crochet, sewing, ceramics, drawing and welding all factor in and coexist in unusual compositions.’ At Cove Park, ektor will  continue to develop these mediums while also exploring and incorporating new techniques and processes. The residency will also provide the opportunity to research and develop new work for a solo exhibition at Glasgow’s Mary Mary gallery in September and October 2018.

Cove Park’s international residencies are now appointed with the support of our International Visual Arts Advisory Board, a group of artists and curators, many of whom have undertaken residencies at Cove Park: Abraham Cruzvillegas, Mariana Castillo Deball, Mai Abu EIDahab, Geoffrey Farmer, Naoko Horiuchi and Jan Verwoert. We are grateful to this Board for their advice and time.

Image: ‘strange​ ​pleasures’,​ ​2017,​ ​wood,​ ​ceramic,​ ​leather​ ​goat​ ​hide,​ ​steel,​ ​43​ ​x​ ​25​ ​x​ ​28​ ​cm