Cove Park is committed to supporting established international artists and creating ways in which these individuals can engage with artists, organizations and audiences in Scotland. Previous international visual arts residents include Jumana Abboud, Bik van der Pol, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Mariana Castillo Deball, Takahiro Iwasaki, Matt Keegan, Matts Leiderstam, Sean Lynch and Jan Verwoert.

Our 2013 International Visual Arts residency was awarded to the Mexican artist Tania Pérez Córdova. Working primarily in prints and sculpture, Tania’s practice is typified by her experimental approach to materials and form. She is ‘interested in the mechanisms of image production as well as the various production processes and meanings of an image or object and its contextualization.’ A number of her recent works, such as ‘Save your eyesight’, preserve both the moment of transformation and the fragile status of an object.’

Tania Pérez Córdova lives and works in Mexico City. Her six-week residency at Cove Park will enable her to produce a new body of work in an entirely new context.

Cove Park is grateful for the support of Proyectos Monclova.