Cove Park’s 2012 Henry Moore Fellowship was organized in partnership with CCA Glasgow and Chisenhale Gallery London. The Fellowship will enable the Berlin-based visual artist Mariana Castillo Deball to develop new work during a two-part residency at Cove Park. This work will be shown in two connected solo exhibitions at CCA and Chisenhale Gallery, opening in April and May 2013 respectively.

Mariana Castillo Deball’s work is rooted in an idea of ‘sculptural form and social space’. Interested in the biography of objects, she has stated that her practice is based in a kaleidoscopic approach to language, acknowledging that different disciplines and ways of describing the world collide with each other, generating a polyphonic voice. She is concerned with the process of exchange itself and, through this, her work has explored archaeology, science, literature and technology, ‘to observe that the principle of reciprocity is never equal, that every exchange implies a transformation of all the parties involved.’ She describes her approach as playful, adopting methodologies from other disciplines but maintaining an awareness of the potential for humour within this process. It is this approach that allows her to play ‘this intermediate game, between science, storytelling, fiction and visual arts’.