Louise Giovanelli’s residency is part of a new programme for early-career writers, makers/designers and visual artists based throughout the UK. The artists will work in parallel on site for three weeks on their own projects during Cove Park’s summer programme and will also have the opportunity to work alongside other national and international artists at all stages in their careers specializing in a wide range of disciplines. The programme is generously supported by the Fenton Arts Trust.

Giovanelli’s painting practice often involves appropriating and re-imagining particular details from the history of painting and she has said that in her works there is ‘… a sense of re-focusing and re-framing. I effectively use painting as a camera, drawing attention to details that would otherwise be left overlooked, unexplored or dismissed.’

The artist comes to Cove Park after a particularly intense period of exhibitions and work in the studio. She will use this residency, and the opportunity it affords to work alongside those with quite different approaches to their work in other art forms, to shift her line of enquiry and to develop new ideas for future projects.

Image: ‘Recast V’, 2017, oil on canvas (31x26cm)

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