Adam Lewis-Jacob has been awarded the Vivid Projects/Animate WORK commission to create a new moving image work focusing on worker’s rights, work based activism, campaigning and legislation. As part of this project he is working with and researching the Trade Union Resource Centre (TURC) moving image archive. His interest in how to reinterpret archival material and reactivate histories extends to film content and language. He will use time at Cove Park to edit the piece, attempting to develop a new film-making methodology, that includes shared authorship and explores film-making as a space for relinquishing total control.

Image: Adam Lewis-Jacob WORK – Production still. Penguin drawing by Jason Kerley based on Steve Bell’s character found in the TURC (Trade Union Resource Centre) Archive, overlaid on a page from Broadside, which was a Birmingham based magazine c.1976 and had a distinctly political focus reflective of the late seventies Anti- fascist, pro women rights and workers rights.