This year’s Emerging Visual Arts residency has been awarded to the Glasgow-based artist Lauren Gault. Working primarily in sculptural installation, her work features made and found objects, elemental materials and process based works, all of which are selected for their specific histories and component properties.

Gault is interested in how an object may be inhabited by a process or presence inflicted upon it; how acts reside and echo in the stillness of objects and are carried as re-enactments of a real of ‘experienced’ moment. Recent and new works reference divining, archaeology and theories around the ‘vessel’ as object. Within recent exhibitions she has been making more ‘performative’ sculpture – both as static objects within an installation and live, performed works as part of the exhibition itself – with the aim of, in some way, making objects more ‘articulate’ in terms of how and when they hold and re-communicate meaning. At Cove Park, Gault will focus her research upon the term ‘terroir’ and to use this to frame her enquiry in to how objects function as a re-enacted experience

The Craignish Trust generously supports Cove Park’s Emerging Visual Artist residency. This programme enables artists to develop new work at a key stage in their careers. Previous residents on this programme include Pio Abad, Giles Bailey, Sara Barker, Lucy Clout, Nick Evans, Ross Hamilton Frew, Lorna Macintyre, Sophie Mackfall and Charlotte Prodger.

Image: ‘Here Bianca!, installation detail, glazed ceramic, salt (coloured), sheepskin nosebands, gobstoppers, eucalyptus, 2013, image Ruth Clark