As part of our European Residency Programme – designed to develop, celebrate and promote dialogue between cultural organisations and artists based in Europe – we are collaborating with Dance Ireland for the first time to host an Irish dance artist at Cove Park this autumn. The aim of the residency is to support a period of research and experimentation, focused broadly around the themes of national identity, migration and borders. This programme is made possible with support from British Council Scotland and Creative Scotland.

Aliina Lindroos is a Finnish dancer, performer and choreographer working mostly in Ireland and Finland. While dance is her principle domain, Lindroos finds cross-disciplinary approach and highly collaborative projects the most rewarding way to produce work. She has worked for, collaborated and researched with international choreographers and companies such as Raimund Hoghe, Protein Dance Company, John Scott, United Fall and Jeremy Wade among others. Her own work explores themes surrounding complex relationships we have with environment, whether it is in natural, social, personal or political context. Most recently she has performed her own work in Berlin, London and Lahti, Finland. Her long term collaboration Landing Collective which deals with displacement and post-migration topics have presented film, dance and installation work in USA, Germany, Ireland, UK and Greece. Lindroos is one of the six participants of Ireland’s Step Up Dance Program 2019.