Cove Park is pleased to host a Cryptic Residency this autmnn for the Mexican artist Yair López.

Yair Lopez studied Geophysics, Communications and Multimedia Engineering and uses his scientific background to combine technological errors and seismic data with poetry to create audio-visual works. Yair has exhibited in Mexico, Spain, Japan, USA, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Portugal, Holland, Italy, Germany, Finland and Northern Ireland. Commenting on his residency, Yair has stated: “I will focus on reading, research, writing and plan to write around ten short pieces in a very free format (poem or mini fiction). From that text, I want to make sonic sculptures and video.”

This Cryptic Residency is part of Seeing Hearing UK Mexico, a three-year collaboration between the UK and Mexico made possible with the support of Anglo Arts, the cultural department of The Anglo Mexican Foundation A.C; British Council Mexico; CMMAS (Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras) and Cryptic.

Cove Park welcomes Cryptic throughout this year and we are delighted to host ten musicians and sonic visual artists to the site. This year’s Cryptic artists are: William Aikman (UK), Veda Hille (Canada), Kathy Hinde (UK), Kin (UK), Heather Lander (UK), Yair Lopez (Mexico), Alex Menzies (UK), Mathieu Le Sourd (Maotik) (Quebec), Thembi Soddell (Australia) and Robbie Thomson (UK). You can read about each artist and their work here.