Alba G Corral 1

For the fifth year running, Cove Park will welcome associates from Cryptic back for a month-long residency in February and March.
This year will see 18 musicians and sonic-visual artists from across the globe working to develop their practice within the studios and spaces across Cove Park’s site.
This year’s artists are:
Hakeem Adam (Ghana)
Katie Anderson (UK)
Silent Chaos (Italy/UK)
Alba G Corral (Spain)
Sabina Covarrubias (Mexico)
Jorge Luis Crowe (Argentina)
Cadie Desbiens Desmeules / aka Push 1 stop (Canada)
Michael Dean aka Wiklow (Canada)
Madeileine Flynn & Tim Humphrey (Australia)
Matthew Grouse (UK)
Heather Lander (UK)
Kian McEvoy (UK)
Daniel Magee (UK)
Alex Smoke (UK)
Robbie Thomson (UK)
Mark Vernon (UK)

For full details and artists’ biographies please see Cove Park Cryptic Artist Bios 2019.