Heather Lander was born in Portland, Maine, U.S.A. and came to Glasgow in 1997 to study drawing and painting at the GSA. After receiving her BA (Hons) she remained in Glasgow and helped to co-found an independent artist studio & exhibition and music venue, the Chateau. During this time period she was mainly painting.

It wasn’t until Lander started her MFA at GSA in 2013 that she began focusing on video installation. Lander graduated from the MFA programme with a distinction and won the Bram Stoker Award. Since then she has exhibited with Pluck Projects in Cork, and has been preparing for both the Cryptic Nights exhibition at the CCA and the Glasgow International exhibition at the Briggait in April. Lander has also recently been invited to exhibit at The Hidden Doors Festival in Edinburgh in June 2016.