Lost Wax Carving is a two-day masterclass for people in Argyll and Bute who have an interest in jewellery making and design. You will have the opportunity to learn this fascinating technique from professional artist Mirka Janeckova. Mirka was resident at Cove Park in 2014 and is returning to teach this special weekend masterclass. Lost wax carving is one of the oldest jewellery techniques which has been used since prehistoric times. During this workshop you will make jewellery from special waxes which then can then be cast in a metal of your choice (silver, bronze or gold). You will learn about different carving and sculpting techniques, wax tools and jewellery waxes, casting process and finishing. Each participant will create their own set of jewellery – rings, earrings or pendants inspired by Cove Park’s unique surrounding. This workshop is suitable for people without any previous jewellery experience as well as jewellers who would like to learn this technique. Self catering accomodation is available for the Saturday night. The minimum age requirement for this event is 18. To book, please visit our Eventbrite page.

Image: Mirka Janeckova