Breaking Ground in Summer 2015

20 February 2014


The £1.4 million needed to start the capital redevelopment of Cove Park has been raised and we will be breaking ground this summer! A number of trusts and foundations have generously committed to the project as have many generous individuals and others who prefer to remain anonymous. We are enormously grateful to them all:

John Paul Getty Junior Charitable Trust
Alma and Leslie Wolfson Foundation
Hazel Cosgrove
P and J Rothman
Clive Beecham
Brian Levy
Jonathan Silver
Lewis and Alberga
Ruth and Brian Levy
Ruth and David Rothenberg
Stephen and Roberta Rosefield
Cruden Foundation
David and Ofra Emmanuel
Gerry Grimstone
Mackintosh Foundation
Maurice and Susan Cresswell
Patricia Jacobs
Deirdre Bernard
James and Morag Anderson
Caroline Younger Foundation
PF Charitable Trust
Peter and Eileen Jacobs
Foyle Foundation
Binks Trust
Robertson Trust
Monument Trust
Boyd Tunnock
Seona Reid
M Linklater
Briony Lavery
Lady Nancy Brown
Bruce Minto


The Scottish Book Trust at Cove Park

20 February 2014


The Scottish Book Trust are at Cove Park this February, bringing the five writers Martin MacInnes, Malachy Tallack, Ann Mackinnon, Juliette Forrest and Jonathan Durie as part of their New Writers Awards 2014. Each writer will be given time to work as part of their award with the trust.

Kathy Hind’s ‘Tipping Point’

20 February 2014


This March Kathy Hind will be at Cove Park, developing new work, for her upcoming commission at the Norwich and Norfolk Festival in collaboration with Cryptic. The commission will take place between 9-18 May 2014.

Kathy’s music merges machinery and natural stimuli to create stunning sound and visual aesthetics. Her music and visual art grows from a partnership between nature and technology. Hinde’s new sonic video-installation, Tipping Point, explores our relationship to water and the effect climate change is having on the water cycle.


Cove Park artists to explore the BBC archives

20 February 2014


Cove Park artists Luke Fowler, Stephen Sutcliffe, Torsten Laushmann and Kate Davis have been selected to be given access to explore the BBC archives in order to create their own artworks inspired by classic and lesser-known BBC programmes from throughout its history.

Tania Perez Cordova in residence at Gasworks

20 February 2014


Cove Park artist, Tania Perez Cordova is currently in residence at Gasworks, London from the 17th January- 10th April 2014.

For her residency at Gasworks, Córdova will be developing her practice further by exploring production processes as a new way of seeing and thinking about objects, and as a narrative tool for exploring time, relations and places.

Tania Pérez Córdova works with objects and their specific materiality. She claims that her work happens between questioning how to make something and how to make sense of something, and her work emerges out of her curiosity and focus upon the relationship between vision and conviction: how do we think about objects, the spaces between them and how can we think with or through objects. Working with various mediums, the production process plays an essential role in Córdova’s practice. It is from observing and interacting with the mechanics of the materials that her reflections upon objects and their configuration to another initiate. Developing out of this interest, an important part of her research has been focused on the idea of the tool, and thinking about how to invent a device, and how to use an object to create new objects.


Melissa Gordon ‘Modern Surfaces’

20 February 2014

Melissa Gordon’s new solo show ‘Modern Surfaces’ at the Deweer Gallery, Otegem February 5- March 16 2014

Gordon’s work as a painter and printmaker follows the relationship between representation and abstraction, seeing and reading. The artist often enlarges details to reveal hidden structures, zooming in until textual or pictorial information is reduced to dots and lines. She draws on source material that might be considered by-products of history, of medium and of making: the grid structure of Modernist painting, the dot matrix of the silk screen and details from her own painting studio.


The Crime Was Almost Perfect, Witte de With

20 February 2014


The Crime Was Almost Perfect
 24 January – 27 April 2014

Cove Park artists Mike Cooter and Bik van der Pol are showing as part of the group exhibition ‘The Crime Was Almost Perfect’ at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam.

‘The Crime Was Almost Perfect’ is an exhibition that brings together over forty artists who cross the bridges linking art and the aesthetics of crime.


New Show ‘Lub I Loop’ by Deirdre Nelson

18 February 2014


An exhibition of new work by Deirdre Nelson “Lub I Loop” opens on 4th March in Skye! Deirdre has been working as lead artist on a Spincycle-Skye project for Atlas Arts.

Throughout Summer and Autumn 2013 Deirdre Nelson visited crofters from a range of stock clubs across Skye and Raasay. Each crofter donated a fleece that has been spun by a spinner from Skye. Deirdre has knitted individual socks to highlight wool, crofting, craft skills and the feet that walk the land. This creates a loop, from fleece to spun wool to knitting.