Born Hiroshima, Japan, 1975. Lives and works in Hiroshima.
Takahiro Iwasaki is a fine art graduate of Hiroshima City University and Edinburgh College of Art’s MFA programme.
“A phenomenon creates an image for a moment and then it immediately disappears. This is like the false image of a medieval temple being reflected momentarily in the pond that surrounds it, or the undulating contours of a mountain range formed and changed over an eternity. The false image reflected in the water is sculpted in a moment. With delicate towel cloth, solid mountains are presented as an unstable existence. The images reflected in the water, the pylons on the top of the mountains, and the construction cranes complement and resonate each other in fleeting moments”. Takahiro Iwasaki, 2010
Selected Exhibitions
‘Nichtlokalität’, Nassauicher Kunstverein-Wiesbaden, Germany (solo)
‘LUSTWARANDE ’11 – RAW’, Park De Oude Warande, Tilburgh, Netherlands (group)
‘A Constellation’, Cornerhouse, Manchester (group)
‘Phenotypic Remodeling’, ARATANIURANO, Tokyo, Japan (solo)
‘Hiroshima Art Project 2010’, Hiroshima City University Museum, Hiroshima (group)
‘Kanazawa TouRyouE’ BaiSou, Kanazawa, Japan (group)
‘The Spectacle of the Everyday’, Xth Lyon Biennale, La Sucrière, Lyon
‘Japan, A Tactile Vision’, Slewe Gallery, Amsterdam (group)
‘Happiness in Everyday Life’, Contemporary Art Centre,Mito Art Tower, Ibaraki, Japan (group)
Selected Awards and Residencies
Grants for Overseas Study by Young Artists, The Pola Art Foundation
Energia Fine Arts Prize
The Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists, the Agency of Cultural Affairs