Margaret Salmon (born Suffern, NY, 1975) is an artist and filmmaker based in Glasgow. During a Cove Park visual arts residency in 2015, she worked on her first feature film ‘Eglantine’, a narrative for adults and children alike. ‘Eglantine’ is included in Margaret’s current solo show ‘Circle‘, a survey of an outstanding body of work developed over the past 20 years.
Margaret was based at Cove Park for one month in 2015. Reflecting upon this experience she has written:
‘Being resident at Cove was a rewarding, insightful time, and I was able to research, write and film tests for my first feature length film, Eglantine, with the wonderful support of the Cove Park team. The setting is stunning… looking, listening, thinking, became enriched, pronounced and lush, while the accommodation and gentle, communal rhythms provided both comfort and social opportunities (if you’re so inclined!). It was, indeed, a perfect place for creative living.’
Margaret will give a talk on her work at Tramway on Sunday 18 March (from 2pm). You can read more about her work here.
Image: Still from ‘Eglantine’, long form film (75 mins), 2015, shot on 35mm on location in Scotland