Born England, 1965. Lives and works in Glasgow.

Louise Hopkins studied fine art at both Brighton and Newcastle-upon-Tyne polytechnics before studying for an MFA at Glasgow School of Art between 1992 and 1994.

The working methods Hopkins employs in her painting practice translate readily into print. Trace by trace, she layers onto a pre-formulated ground, interweaving and evolving a surface fabric into something entirely new, while retaining the resonance of what lies beneath. By painting out seas or layering line over landmasses in her series of map paintings, our sense of location becomes de-stabilized, leaving us lost amidst these mythical landscapes. These concerns are the foundation for her particular interest in Cove Park’s setting and the starting point for the new print she produced for the first Cove Park Portfolio.  Hopkins is represented by Mummery + Schnelle, London.

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Mummery + Schnelle Project Room, London


Mummery + Schnelle, London


‘Freedom of Information’, The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh


‘The Round Room’, Talbot Rice, Edinburgh


doggerfisher, Edinburgh

Andrew Mummery Gallery, London


Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, California