Jo Royle is a trans-ocean sailing skipper and Sea Change activist. Her expeditions have taught her about our intimate relationship with the sea and the barriers that have built between society and the natural world. She has embarked on adventures with corporate sponsors to establish methods of reducing our weighty footprints through smarter systems and product design. Exploring solutions through collaborations with people from eclectic and diverse backgrounds has played a vital role in Jo’s work in response to a rapidly changing environment.
I am passionate about inspiring a responsibility within people to protect natural systems and I believe that we hold the tools to ensure a healthy planet for future generations. My work has involved producing and leading expeditions focused on seeking solutions to environmental challenges. Securing sponsorship and working with corporates across various sectors has taught me the importance and power of organisations in influencing change. Through a love of being hands on and a curious mind I have developed an interest in design that works towards the sustainably smart use of technologies and materials.”