Emer Tumilty is an artist and illustrator from Co. Down, Northern Ireland, now based in Glasgow. Having studied both Architecture and Visual Communication at Glasgow School of Art, she now works across mural design, set design, illustration and printmaking. Her work explores relationships between geometric forms, both two-dimensionally and within architectural space.
Commenting on her 2018 Crafts & Design residency at Cove Park, Emer has written:

‘When I applied for Cove Park I had been craving time to reflect, to form fresh perspectives within my work, and to bring ideas to life that had been bubbling under the surface for some time. I used the time and space of the residency to explore, test, and experiment in ways that weren’t possible in my own studio, and to do research that has fed and inspired my practice since. The peaceful surroundings, the conversations with other artists on residency, and the support and warmth of the staff members, all became part of a really valuable experience that has had a lasting impact on me and my work. I left the residency with a new focus, and a really clear sense of the direction in which to steer my design practice.’
Emer has just completed a mural commission for a new Warby Parker store in New Jersey, and is currently working with Chalk in Newcastle on an interactive installation for children and families, as part of MAP festival in February 2019.
Image: Emer Tumilty.