Cove Park’s new Artists Centre, designed by CameronWebster Architects, has won two GIA Awards this year! The first is in the Leisure/Arts category and the awarding panel noted:

‘The building takes full advantage of the quality of views and the light, creating a series of special places within two simple linked buildings, and forming a landscaped courtyard as the point of arrival.The key intent was to use the architecture to capture the context and allow visiting artists the flexibility to develop their work. An important space within the centre is the kitchen and dining area, which allows an informality to enable visitors to meet and discuss ideas over a communal dining experience.The palette of materials are simple and deliberately unfussy, to allow the landscape to be the eye-catching spectacle.’

The second award was made in the GIA’s Wood for Category.

We are delighted CWA have received these awards and equally thrilled with Cove Park’s Artists Centre!