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Cove Park is pleased to host Scotland’s Travelling Gallery on Saturday 7 October, from 11-4pm, and to present a special event with the artist from 2.00pm.

Travelling Gallery’s autumn 2017 exhibition is by former Cove Park resident Lauren Printy Currie in partnership with Glasgow Women’s Library. Lauren works in sculpture, writing and installation creating assemblages that hybridize the material and psychological qualities of objects.

The exhibition derives from a residency at Glasgow Women’s Library where the collection and archive served as a repository from which the artist drew material and inspiration to make a new body of work for the Travelling Gallery. Exploring feminist self-organising and economies of production, this work endeavours to respond to the materiality and immateriality of the archive as an entity constantly in flux, which adds to, performs, removes and reconfigures its contents. The artist considers experiences that have been marginalised and explore the defining principles of the creation of cultural archives.

Join the artist at 2pm at Cove Park on Saturday 7 October for a series of readings, acts, exchanges, and felt proximities exploring material existence as something pliant and paradoxical.